Sunday, September 11, 2005


Miren lo que encontré mientras hacía una investigación sobre Kabafis...

Great masters who have shown mankind
an order it has yet to find,
What if all pedants say of you
as personalities be true?
All the more honour to you then
if, weaker than some other men,
you had the courage that survives
soiled, shabby, egoistic lives,
if poverty or ugliness,
ill-health or social unsuccess
hunted you out of life to play
at living in another way;
Yet the live quarry all the same
were changed to huntsmen in the game,
And the wild furies of the past,
tracked to their origins at last,
trapped in a medium's artifice,
to charity, delight increase.
Now large, magnificent, and calm,
your changeless presences disarm
the sullen generations, still
the fright and fidget of the will,
and to the growing and the weak,
your final transformation speak,
Saying to dreaming "I am deed."
To striving "Courage. I succeed."
To mourning "I remain. Forgive."
And to becoming "I am, live."

W. H. Auden New York Letter

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